I made you cum don’t ignore me

i am v v tired
i just finished my math study/cheat sheet thingy
i’ll probably wear this shirt tomorrow don’t judge me
i’m going to sleep now b4 i pass out

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i’m very sad but it’s okay bc i have beach house and cookies

I just finalized the best fucking mix cd of my life and there’s no one to appreciate it because it’s going to sit in Alex’s glove compartment unless I force him to play it and wow this is so sad

come over here and let me kiss you

I’m in a really good mood because something I’ve been regretting has been fixed and I now know how to play Magic the Gathering thanks to Katie and Alex and another unnamed boy. Now I’m just gonna watch Psych and draw until Rachel picks me up to see Star Trek!!!
Today is a good day and I actually have plans for the weekend and just aw man idk! Life is good!

look what I found!!! I’ve been looking for this everywhere and turns out it was hiding on my bookshelf!

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I just bought a new notebook and new pens and wow buying supplies makes me really happy. Also this very well dressed lady in Staples complimented my outfit and asked if I was interested in fashion but had to take a phone call before I could say anything but “thank you.” For some reason I feel like that was supposed to be a perfect television moment and I’m upset her phone rang.

today was really bad and I did really stupid things and I feel like I’m going fucking insane

going to sleep with a hazy brain and some sad music